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Ian Massingham

Technical Evangelist, Amazon Web Services


Ian Massingham leads Technical and Developer Evangelism at Amazon Web Services and has been working with cloud computing technologies since 2008. He and his team around the world work with developers and other types of technical end-users within AWS customers of all sizes, from start-ups to large enterprises, to increase awareness and adoption of AWS cloud services amongst developers.

Ian and his team are prolific conference speakers and participate in a wide variety of developer conferences, meetups and other developer communities in order to connect with developers and inform, inspire and educate them about AWS. As an individual technologist, Ian has a special interest in the development of Connected Device and IoT applications, and in serverless architecture patterns for the deployment of applications in the AWS Cloud.

The Enterprise Cloud - Abstract

Millions of customers use AWS every month to develop, deploy and operate new applications, as well as to modernise and update their existing IT, to improve security, boost agility and minimise costs. It wasn’t always this way.


Join this 90 minute session with AWS Developer Evangelism Leader, Ian Massingham, and learn how AWS got started through experimentation with their first services back in 2006, how AWS has consistently accelerated their rate of innovation to the point where 1400 new services were launched during 2017. 


Ian will discuss innovation at AWS & Amazon, how AWS organises for rapid innovation on many fronts at scale, and some of the core tenets that AWS focused on in creating new products & services.


Ian will also explore what’s next in the cloud. How new architectural approaches such as Serverless applications are enabling accelerated innovation for customers, and how machine learning and artificial intelligence are becoming an important focus.